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I just watched the trailer on FOX today.

     I watched this movie with French voice and English subtitles, so maybe some details I didn't understand well, but it won't cut down any emotion I feel about this little story.
     Emily is a young,ordinary,warm-heart and quirky girl. The story begin with a little box. Emily found it in her house and decided to return it back to its owner who lived here decades ago. After hard efforts, she returned the box to its owner, when she finished, she found help make her happy.
     This is how this story goes. Emily keep helping people in need and do some tricks to those bad guys. She is so piquant, when she met her man, she was afraid to meet him, but she did much little acrobatics to attract his attention. Finally, with the help of a old, kind neighbour, she bravely step forward and won her love.
     It is really a warm conte, I love it.
     Everyone could be Emily, she is just a normal girl next door, an ordinary woman. That's the reason why we feel cordial to her.
    Let's be courageous, let's be emily!


A very bad young man, we have no idea why he is so bad, maybe he just born to be, maybe sth happened when he was younger, but it is not the point, the point is, he is bad and sth is going to happen. This very bad young man, hand in hand with his so-called brothers, they go to the milk bar which is decorated with many naked and sexy woman statue; they take weapons with them to show their power, fight with others, hit anyone without any reasons; they crashed into the strangers' houses, violate, rape, and even murder; all in all, what is bad, what they do.

Good afternoon,ladies and gentlemen.To be honest,I'm an old driver in chasing girls.And I find something interesting,girlfriends are always like a kid when we are together.It's also our Chinese figure-zuo. So,my title is the balance between man and woman.

although spooky places and disgusting faces appears frequently throughout the trailer, I could not just held my hysterical laughter after knowing what the story is: a friendly bank agent as well as a blondie chick decide to withdraw a house from a pathetic old grandma due to some wrecked financial report. Then that old woman cursed the poor agent to kill her in a terrifying way.


控告;告发 If someone reports you to 彩天下香港免资料,a person in authority, they tell that person about something wrong that you have done.

The girlfriends of the white men in my mom’s block of flats had every reason to report a black woman—a prostitute, no doubt—living among them.

His ex-wife reported him to police a few days later...

They threatened to report him to the police.

The teacher reported him to the principal for misbehaving in class.

And one day, maybe as the old saying told, people who are bad deserves the punishment, this very bad young man finally was caught by the police and sent to curt, without any doubt, he was judged 14 years' prison time.In our real world, it is very usual to see someone being taken to the prison, but, has anyone ever think if it is useful or so useful. They step out of the prison, do not do bad things any more, because of what? The kind in the heart which gained in the prison? Or just the fear of tougher punishment. However this is still not the point and what the movie wants to tell us.

woman like kid while man like parents.

Let's look at this talk:

I feel uncomfortable.
一个温暖勇敢的小故事。Drink more water.

For our Chinese value,it's a terrible talk,right?The woman maybe say that in the head:Drink your sister!
And so,what's the best answer when your girlfriend say she is uncomfortable?

One hour later.
Open the door.

It's a hot question on the internet,that's the answer,a standard answer.Even though you can't see her at once,as a man,you should buy somethings and send it to your girlfriend.


Do you find something interesting?The woman is uncomfortable,and it's a truth,but it turn out a man's duty. What's logic of back?It has been an assumption,that's we all agree that the woman can't take care of herself,all duties are the man's,if you can't deal with this effectively,you're in trouble.Let's see the logic again.

I feel uncomfortable,I'm ill.

(I can't take care of myself, so now it becomes your duty, I throw the problem to you,look at how you can solve)

Drink more water.

(How to answer?? I don't know what to do! You take good care of yourself!I'm not a doctor!)

fuck!I'm very very angry!

(What! You didn't do anything! You do not provide material assistance, did not provide psychological comfort, you this man have what use!)

So,it's a kid and an adult rather than an adult and an adult.It's an unhealthy relationship,the fact that the woman is ill become a tool to trouble man.

If both of us are adults,what's the normal logic?

I feel uncomfortable,I'm ill.

(say the fact)

Did you take medicine,do you need any help?

(Ask if she need help.Compared with rush to help directly,it's different totally.As an adult,only when we make sure that others need help,can we offer some help.Rush to help without ask,that's eat full and nothing to do)

I have taken medicine,I will be ok.

(I'm an adult,I can look after myself,don't worry.Don't make trouble like a kid is a quality of adult.)

Have a good rest.I will see you on the weekend.

There is no crazy rush to each other, a hug said baby you suffer! But very rational end of the dialogue, the two sides to space, to do their own thing to do. The reason for this, because a headache cold is not a more serious problem, through the rest, it will be able to solve their own. And adults, should solve this problem.

OK, you have to admit: that is just so cheap!!!!!!!!

2.pose as sb

to pretend to be (someone or something) in order to deceive people

As far as her white neighbors knew, my mom could have been a spy posing as a prostitute posing as a maid, sent into Hillbrow to inform on whites who were breaking the law.

She posed as a student to get free admission to the museum.

undercover cops posing as drug dealers

The team posed as drug dealers to trap the ringleaders.

When we meet him again, he has been in the prison for two years. And, we feel sorry to see that he is still very bad, although pretends well to be a good. At this time, some new governer start to govern. In order to show differences form the old, and win more support, he comes up with a strange policy: Those who are very very bad and judged a long prison time, can be set out ahead of time, if they sign to join the new "therapy". This unchanging bad man, in order to get rid of the fucking prison, decide to accept the so-called therapy.

Show love by hurting ourselves.

a college students,buy 999 roses,kneel over the snow.Countless people is watching.The girl feel touched,and refused him.

WTF!What's this logic?Hurt himself, money,god,999,the money, I can live the hotel a whole month.body,knell over the snow.dignity,like a monkey who is seen by countless people.As a driver,I can tell you,don't buy expensive things.
And this story is a romantic love story.Oh,gosh,It's really unhealthy.

we are equal when we are going to have a relationship.We are together,because we have similar value,we have many topics,we can double the happiness,not because you hurt yourself maybe for the expensive things maybe for the crazy actions,so I feel moved,and I love you,not because you like my parents,you take care of me well.

The agent is not even a fucking arbitrator: she just some pawn in a whole bureaucratic system. the girl is not even a 7 feet flabby Italian bodyguard who could rub you off your house. maybe she is sometimes to do aerobics, but do you think she could act like a Amazon woman? Hell, no!!!

3.inform on sb↑

to give information about the secret or criminal activity of (someone) to the police

Despite pressure from the police he refused to inform on the other conspirators.

He informed on his own brother.

He was taken to some hospital like place, to accept the doctor look persons' cure. In their mind, criminals can be forced to become good in very short time, and the key is make them feel physically nasty about violence、rape、murder and so forth. They inject sth into this very bad man's body, fasten him in the chair, keep his eyes open with iron tools, project violent、rape、murder、disgusting movies again and again. At first, he seems very enjoy. But remember, he is fastened, and his eyes are kept open all time, it means that, he has to keep his eyes on blood、fuck、kill for very long time. This leads to vomit and other uncomfortable physical reaction, so that every time he see such things, he feel very uncomfortable. Then he is regarded as a "good" and set out.

if you hate the rule exposed by American Institution, just equip yourself with a truck of TNT, rush into Capital Hill, push some red button, and explode senators to hell. in a word, please fuck the society, or curse it anyway you like. just do not find a scapegoat so easily!


“黄种人家园”(指过去南非共和国种族隔断制度下的白人有必然自治权的地面)The homelands were regions within South Africa in which black South Africans had a limited form of self-government.

My mother lied and said I was born in KaNgwane, the semi-sovereign homeland for Swazi people living in South Africa.

There is no must to go on telling story I think, we can preview what he is going to suffer. He have lost the ability to fight back and make love, and something else like this. It is true that he can not break the law and do harm to the society, but it's not root from his heart, he just can't, that's anti-human, anti-nature and evil.

so why the editor decide to make the wizard curse Alison Lohman not others I listed above? there are two reasons. first is the method of elimination: if the blondie would not be the victim, who should be? some bulks from Manhattan police department who are in charge of expeling the illegal Voodoo immigrant back to Haiti? or the senator always dressing like funeral attendants who has three children and a wife? "hey," you maybe become angry,"I pay the money to watch smoky chicks getting fucked, not uniform guys"


[only before noun] great in number, amount or degree

We were in the park, he was walking a good bit away from us, and I ran after him, screaming, “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!”

•a good many people

•The kitchen is a good size.

•We spent a good while(= quite a long time)looking for the house.

•He devoted a good deal of(= a lot of)attention to the problem.

•There's a good chance(= it is likely) that I won't be here next year.

and the second reason is that the director is not homosexual who would prefer to sleep with actress not actors.

6.try sb (for sth)

to examine evidence in court and decide whether sb is innocent or


I come from a country where people have been arrested and tried for witchcraft—in a court of law.

He was tried for murder.

Why does it take 253 days to try a case of fraud?


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